muebles de cajones

Buenas ideas para los verduleros jejeje #Reciclar

With the Decor I have with all the vintage stuff and my love of crates this would be a MUST to add to it...Crate Storage Bookshelf bookcase.

Turn a bookshelf on it's side and add an upholstered foam top to make a storage bench

If I ever get tired of my crate table, I can turn it to its side and use it as a bookcase!

DIY wooden Crate Book Shelf for kids room. I only used one crate on the floor so the little one would not pull it over. Painted mine in purple and it fits a LOT of books!! Love it!!

Crates bookshelf

I may make this for the girls play room in pink! I'd love to stack all of chloe's book under it!

Organize bathroom

DIY: room divider and shelf

Hanging wooden crates for storage (shoes gloves hats next to front door)

DIY wall art. Cover styrofoam in fabric. So many pretty fabrics now. Great idea!

4 crates stacked together! Simple edge-paint project that ties the colors of the room together immediately.

Buy plastic rain gutters from Home Depot and you have a reading corner; absolutley LOVE!

Great tip!!!! Buy tablecloths to use as draperies....much less expensive, already hemmed, meant to launder often, and many patterns and colors available! 60x84 or buy 60x104 so you can hem them AND still have matching fabric left over for pillows or other coordinating pieces! Great tip!

Bookshelf From Crates

DIY: Pretty Crate Wall Storage. So simple.

Love the red Bench Shelf

Neat headboard! Four 1X6 boards, a sanding block, and a can of stain. Hang with large 3M strips (up to 16lbs and these are just over 5lbs each). for-the-home

Painted wooden crates

Cozy Chrismas