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This is my cup of care .. Oh look it's empty - vintage retro funny quote - follow joannesam

Oh so true.....The floor in a teenage girl's bedroom is the the cleanest in the house---3 hrs. after she moved in it gets covered in a protective layer of clothes that never get picked up.

Especially when the little bitch talks bad about my children who are innocent and very sweet!

This whole getting older and being responsible thing is getting in the way of my fun.

Matt Foley, motivational speaker aka Chris Farley on SNL. Loved this skit:) a VAN down by the RIVER! @Suzanna Palmer & @Camilla Rogers - Couldn't help but think of you two and Rachel!!!!

Hahaha *snort* #baby #science #geeky Repinned from Claudette Page: Start them young with

Oh, I laughed at this for a while. Mark whalberg, gah!

Yeah that's pretty much how I feel after every episode of river monsters

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 68 Pics

this commercial is great. except I don't remember what it was advertising...

This one on a minivan: | 27 Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Funny