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So true. We will always care for each other through the good, the bad, and the uglt. That's what true love is♡

Aww, so sweet. I look forward to growing old with my baby Adam and staying in love with him for the rest of our lives <3

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Love Saying - Vinyl Wall Art, Graphics, Lettering, Decals, Stickers

I have said this to my wife every minute of every day......yet that is still not enough. Norma I do love you...Norma mi corazon siempre pertenecera solo a ti Yo Perro.....

and if im not happy where im at it doesnt mean that im looking at the greener grass cause i can make my grass just as green

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Miserably Beautiful

Please go with me... my hand is out, just take it!! I love you!!!

"The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time." -married to my best friend!

Soulmate quote | Previous Pinner: "I am completely unmoved in my belief that there's a 'click' in the universe when you find a person you're supposed to have in your life on whatever level. mdr"

...or codependency. I'd rather heal myself and meet someone who has done the same, than to rely on someone else and hope that their baggage is compatible with mine...

Eeek, love! Make it small and square, and to get it to stay put it a regular size envelope (so you don't have to pay extra postage for a square envelope), hole punch the envelope toward the side and glue ribbon into it...somehow. I haven't tried it quite yet.

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One day you will kiss someone and know

One day you will kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

If more people realized this sooner it would save them a world of heartache. Just wait. Don't force something that isn't meant to be.

Inspirational quote. Don't save things for a special occasion. Every day if your life is a special occasion. - Thomas S. Monson

Love Life!! Exactly what my tattoo means to me!! :D♥#quote #well said #wise words