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Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014) - great movie! Saw this with my 16 year old; you know it's good when your teen likes it!

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"Hug Me" by Simona Ciraolo - the story of a lonely little cactus named Felipe who wants nothing more than affection and love. Great source for teaching emotional expression and empathy.

Cleopatra's Daughter - Moran, herself, sent my bookclub a set of this book. Great research and story.

Summer Book Club: Fin & Lady

7 great books for personal growth that are good enough to read on the beach.

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Informative, a little crass, and a fantastic look at transformation. #film #documentary

Books are exciting.

To foster children who will thrive in today’s constantly changing world, we must entrust them to steer their own learning and development. Drawing on evidence from anthropology, psychology, and history, Gray demonstrates that free play is the primary means by which children learn to control their lives, solve problems, get along with peers, and become emotionally resilient.

The Power of Validation: Arming Your Child Against Bullying, Peer Pressure, Addiction, Self-Harm, and Out-of-Control Emotions - Great book!

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Sh*tty Mom is the ultimate parenting guide, written by four moms who have seen it all. As hilarious as it is universal, each chapter presents a common parenting scenario with advice on how to get through it in the easiest and most efficient way possible. With chapters such as “How to Sleep Until 9 A.M. Every Weekend” and “When Seeing an Infant Triggers a Mental Illness That Makes You Want to Have Another Baby,” as well as a Sh*tty Mom quiz, this is a must-have, laugh-out-loud funny book for the

"Every woman should read this...and every mother should give it to their daughters!"- A. Cascos

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"This is more than just a book about getting kids to clean house. It's about training and motivating kids to be responsible and serve others and have an attitude of gratitude."

Adrenal Fatigue

The Fall- Tarsem ...One of the most visually amazing movies ever

the diving bell and the butterfly


My most favorite book ever!


Harold And The Purple Crayon

Harry Potter books