Salt painting. Make a glue design on dark paper, coat with salt, gently touch the salt with water/food color on a paintbrush and it spreads... so fun!

Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime (Borax-Free) - Twodaloo 1 bottle of Elmer’s Clear School Glue (5 oz) 1/2-3/4 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch (I found mine at Walmart) Liquid watercolors (several squirts until you get the desired color) Fine glitter in a variety of colors

Salt & Watercolor Painting -wet paper - dot/splash with bright watercolors - sprinkle with salt - when dry, brush off salt - instant masterpiece

SALT and PVA GLUE Paintings

fun and easy kid made modern art using black glue and watercolors

Have you ever tried Suminagashi with the kids? - COOL!!!

Fold a twin sheet in half long ways and sew ends together, next sew in five equal sections the size of a pillow case, next insert pillows leaving ends open to remove pillows and wash cover

How to Make Galaxy Jars & Bottles (Fun Kids Activity) |

Non-toxic paint for kids - easy recipe #diy #crafts #handmade dolls #handmade pottery #snap your fingers #handmade handgun #handmade crafts ideas|

Put glue on paper in designs, pour salt over it and then drop small watercolor paint droplets and watchthe colors grow!

flubber recipe with borax and glue

How to make colored salt - so easy! Great for sensory play and learning.

Clean Mud- a fantastically FUN sensory play material that is clean and fresh yet feels just like mud!

Are you kidding me? I have been spending part of my art budget on glitter when it's this simple to make!!? Preheat the oven to 350. Place salt (table salt/sea salt) into a small bowl. Add drop of food coloring and mix with the salt. Spread mixture onto a baking sheet in one layer. Bake in oven for 10 minutes. Let cool, then transfer into a storage container for use.

color by number coloring pages

Fun with foam noodle chains

Bubble painting! Mix food coloring in with bubbles then blow them on paper and let them pop.

Glow in the Dark Horses ready to run and play day or night!

You heat up the rocks then color w/ crayons, which melt when they touch the hot rocks! So cool!