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Reed Baarrow's Desktop Installation Art Trainer. What a riot! More exciting than a lava lamp and probably better for you.

Natalie Djurberg's installation and videos at the New Museum is worth a look! The videos are hit and miss. I liked this one in particular. Natalie Djurberg, Parade at the New Museum by sokref1, via Flickr

Vintage photos turned into gifs - funny and weird. Love the digital world/ancient world merging.

It's here! It's opening tomorrow! It's fantastic! Building is airy with lots of natural light. The collection looks better than ever and the special exhibition gallery has a wonderful archival show explaining Barnes rise from poor boy to millionaire education guru with a hot art collection. Barnes Foundation Press Preview May 16 2012 by sokref1, via Flickr

Dona Nelson is an awesome artist! So glad she was awarded this prize.

It's Barbara Chase-Riboud day in Philadelphia! The big show of her works opens Sept. 14 and runs to Jan. 20. If you don't know her works, it's an acquaintance you should make! Malcolm X #3

Annette Monnier of One Review a Month takes a break from writing about art to draw -- cats interacting with art. This shows a cat falling down the Zoe Strauss banner at the PMA, hanging on by its little claws. Awesome Annette!

Totally love Maira Kalman. This post is about her walks, and how walking helps thinking and thinking helps creativity. Great read and watch the video.

One of the funniest, most socially-critical artists around, Andrew Jeffrey Wright is Cinders Gallery artist of the month. Awesome! Painting/Pre-Painting by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

This is in the Begin Where You Are show at the Icebox. Go see it! Amazing work by Sarah Gamble. Prince, oil on canvas, 18" x 18", 2014 sarahgamble.com

Justin Matherly's piece, New Beaches, in NYC City Hall Park. Matherly graduated from PAFA and showed at Marginal Utility gallery. Public Art Fund's new exhibition, "Common Ground," unveiled at City Hall Park - artnet Magazine