Poor, poor children

Girls, Did You Know That Um, Your Boobs Go Inside Your Shirt? Omg this is so funny

Pretty much sums up my life!

Me when I was a kid lol

What a sweet little girl. Ha

50 most awkward pregnancy pictures. I am DYING!

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…love her.

i don't even know what show or movie this is from but betty white is just terrific

You will only get this if you grew up in the 90's: the girls room = mean girls.... mind blown

gymnasts and sibling rivalry, what more could go into a picture?

So true. I remember the best advice I ever got sounded this " I was wrong about you. You are a good young man but if you would just cut your hair you would find that people may actually respect you." So I traded long hair for a Flat top. He was right but I wander what he would think about the fact that I shave my head now.


This guy lives in an apartment beneath two ridiculously stupid girls. He writes down all the stupid stuff they say. I've seriously never laughed so hard ever.

Sad but true!

HAHAHAHAHA! The last one killed me!!!

RDJ <3

this kid knows what's up!