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    Yes! Finally, a dog and Peacock crossbreed.`

    Creative grooming

    Creative grooming.

    Poor kitty! :(<<I THINK IT IS HILARIOUS

    pink dog

    creative grooming

    Tender loving care


    Who could resist a sheltie puppy?

    Standard Poodle. By Moondance Standard Poodles.

    What in the World? Did we really need the closeup shot, too? In-bred dogs?

    Hercules, the largest living cat on Earth, weighs over 904lbs with cub Aries. Liger males, are sterile and have shortened life spans in addition to a high rate of birth defects. Due to their size, the tigress mother can only deliver a liger by C-section and there are numerous reports of mothers rejecting her hybrid cubs all together. >> Amazing Creatures, too bad they have to go through this though...

    the funny thing is, that dog doesn't look shamed!

    Holy Crap!

    People who love their pets, sometimes do crazy things

    -Repinned- Creative grooming. Poodles.



    Yoda - Dogs Outlandishly Dyed and Groomed to Look Like Fictional Characters & Wild Animals