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    • Sheron Goldenbogen

      (The elusive Scottish Wild Cat is a tough character and one that has endured the worse weather and conditions thrown at it. Peter Cairns has managed to photograph this shy creature and has a very interesting website called the Highland Tiger which informs the reader about the difficult task of tracking and monitoring this endagered animal.)

    • Wind_and_Earth

      The Scottish wildcat is one of Europe’s most elusive and endangered mammals. Often referred to as the Tiger of the Highlands, it is one animal whose image we recognise instantly. Striking, handsome and powerful, it is the very essence of a wild predator living by stealth and strength.

    • Una Black

      (Scottish Wildcat: endangered) Highland Tiger in the Snow

    • Haldis Corry

      A Scottish Wildcat, rare beautiful creatures

    • Tammy Smith

      The Scottish wildcat, aka Highland Tiger,

    • Images Of Me

      The Scottish wildcat.

    • Will Stephens

      Scottish Wildcat

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    The Hospital let this lady that was Living in Her Last Few Days Bring Her Cat in to Visit Her... I instantly was in tears seeing this.

    Pets and plaid make me think of chilly evenings before the fire, for some reason. Dear #cat, come to #Edrac #happy family!

    Nice kitty