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    Every Phone should have this....

    Math exam today!! This will be me.

    We have a saying in my family. "Your siblings are always there for you when you need them... and not at ANY other time."

    Funny Confession Ecard: Rather than go on a diet, I'm hoping to get some sort of horrible stomach ailment.

    Funny Reminders Ecard: Words of Wisdom: Don't piss off your Hairstylist....Ever. Remember this ;)

    Hahahaha!!! I dont know if this is going to work @Toby Jenk I think we like the same breakfast stuff :p

    This is so true and it made me laugh out loud so I love it!

    Funny Pictures Of The Day – 55 Pics

    True that . . . . I used to work with a night shift manager decades ago who thought he was 'God's gift to Womanhood' so, of course, I HAD to be interested in him, right? Oh how wrong he I learned I had to have comebacks for those jerks who were like him.

    No joke, I finished the quote in my head before I finished reading it!!