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The nightmare returns: Chilling echoes of Hiroshima's destruction in images from…

The tsunami is Japan's worst disaster since the Second World War - and the images from its aftermath are chillingly similar to the scenes from Hiroshima 66 years earlier.

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Picture from Hiroshima, Japan before the newly invented atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945. Biddy Craft

Aerial view of Hiroshima after the bomb.

12 year old Helena Rabbie lies in bed in a newly liberated barracks at Bergen-Beslen concentration camp. Of the 22,000 women and 18,000 men rescued from the camp, 15,000 were suffering from Typhus. 1844 died of disease and malnutrition soon after liberation. Helena died eleven days after this picture was taken.

Japanese Tsunami 2011. I see some folks smiling in this picture, obviously not realizing the severity of the situation.

Different class on Titanic: The pictures show staterooms from Deck C and D, far less opulent than higher decks.

Rare to see such a fun expression in a picture from the 1800's

1945. Pictures like these were published in newspapers after the war, to help locate surviving relatives.

William Hope Seance picture.. gave me the chills...stay away from the Ouija board....

Superviviente del bombardeo de Hiroshima, Tamiki Hara cuenta sus historias en "Flores de verano"

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