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The nightmare returns: Chilling echoes of Hiroshima's destruction in images from…

The tsunami is Japan's worst disaster since the Second World War - and the images from its aftermath are chillingly similar to the scenes from Hiroshima 66 years earlier.
  • Jessica P

    A picture of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit on August 6 1945. Approximately 70 000 Japanese died instantly.

  • Janet Koster

    Flashbacks of Hiroshima: Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011

  • ≈Marina≈Gale≈

    PP: A picture of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit on August 6 1945. Approximately 70 000 Japanese people died instantly.

  • Chris Athnos

    Hiroshima, Japan - Aftermath of the bomb (1945)

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A first for the general public, the picture of the “mushroom cloud”? is a very accurate approximation of the enormous quantity of energy spread below. The first atomic bomb, released on August 6 in Hiroshima(Japan) killed about 80,000 people, but it didn’t seem enough because the Japanese didn’t surrender right away. Therefore, on August 9 another bomb was released above Nagasaki. The effects of the second bomb were even more devastating – 150,000 people were killed or injured.

Atomic bomb bursts over Nagasaki, August, 9, 1945

Hiroshima, Before and After, 1945. We did this. The dropping of the two atomic bombs on the civilian population of Japan is an ineradicable stain on the nobility and morality of the United States. Whether they saved lives (of Americans) as a pre-emptive measure is debatable. That they took hundreds of thousands of lives in boiling, burning, mutating horror is beyond debate.

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Boom town: The military built Atomic City from the ground up. In 1942 is was home to 3,000 rural farmers. By 1945, more than 75,000 worked in the factories

Hiroshima after the atomic bomb | Alfred Eisenstaedt

Fogonazos: Hiroshima, the pictures they didn't want us to see. Spanish language website but with a photo collection from Hiroshima

Japanese atrocities from WWII - I'm not trying to be vindictive here; I'm not that kind of person and I have NOTHING against Japan or Japanese people today. But history is what it is - and history hurts. Click the pin to read the rest.

Nicknamed the Beautiful Beast. Irma Grese was a concentration camp guard and one of the few women to be called to account for her crimes. She was hanged in 1945 at the age of 22.

Survivor of the Great Escape 'who was spared from the firing squad by Hitler' dies, aged 92. Les Brodrick was shot down in France aged 22 and sent to Stalag Luft III. Joined 75 others in escape attempt but was captured and returned to camp. Avoided execution and joked it was because Hitler heard he had baby son. Became a teacher after the war and moved to South Africa with his family.

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