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    Sailor's knot braid.

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    5-strand braid

    Simple 3 fishtail braids braided into a normal braid. I used to do this to my dolls when I was a kid.

    waterfall braid

    French braid

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    Fishtail Braid: 1. Get a small handful of hair from the back of the head and separate the hair into two sections. 3.-4. Take a small amount of hair from the right section, pull it back and cross it over to cover the left hair section. 5.-6. Repeat 3-4, but this time switch sides. From Left to right. 8. Secure with hair tie.To get this look gently loosen the braid.

    strand 4 strand braid

    So many different types of braids with how-to's

    Learn this beautiful Chinese staircase braid with these simple step-by-step instructions!

    dutch braiding 4 5 strands

    Get really quick waves from braids. The thicker the braid the looser the wave.

    waterfall braid


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    The "Look"..

    Easy way to change up your hairstyle: 1) inside out, loose ponytail 2) upside down french braid #upside #down #hair #french #braid #easy #cute #work get-that-hair