henna on back/shoulder

Glitter Henna=Mehndi~ A non-permanent form of tattoo art, lasting about 1 month, if the henna is super fresh~

Need more warmth. Can be simple dark background with glowing warm colours from fabric and design. (focus)

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.I can not get beyond the shear beauty of this art-form. So many of these beautiful works are such that, if my wife had this done, I could sit for hours holding the hand, the foot, the arm....whichever....for hours digesting the wonders they depict.

Wow Mehndi, An Indian Art. Mostly Famous as Tattoo, Now a days Ink Tattoo is also taking ideas from Mehndi designs

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Henna mehndi designs : Coloring hands, legs with henna paste or mehndi is a popular practice in India,Pakistan and Arabian countries.