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Sharks on the ocean floor--OK, I think I'm about ready to head back to the boat.

Mantis shrimp. These creatures have a punch so quick that it boils the water in front of their claw, up to speeds similar to a .22 calibur bullet so that when it gets to the the prey, it hits them with a force great enough to stun or kill them.

Sexy Shrimp (that's the actual name, I don't have a shrimp fetish!)

Brushes for sale--Marble shrimp - Saron marmoratus/North Sulawesi


Six line wrasse are a common find in the Indo-Pacific oceans and are collected in large numbers for the marine aquarium hobby.

Feather Stars (crinoids) and their look-alike camouflaged. Tiny little commensal crustaceans that live camouflaged and hidden among the feathery arms and striking colors of a crinoids' arms! Presumably, the crinoids provide some protection from predators. This one for example in stunning green from Nudi Falls in Sulawasi... Image by "EcoDivers1"

Earth appreciation: I'd still like to enjoy a clean ocean in my old age

Harlequin shrimp - my all time favorite animal ever that I PRAY I see one day in the wild!