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Taurus... described in the most negative terms. (Don't believe everything you read!!)

Taurus (positive traits). Ok. I admit it. I goth (got) this for myself and posted it on my wall. Because it's true. And if others can believe there's a scorekeeper in the sky I can buy into astrology when it serves me. Just like any other religion. Note that it states we are extremely good-looking. Clearly, a valid belief system.

Huh? Guess I have a little Leo in me, cause I will cut ya out like a cancer if ya cross me.

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Taurus have layers and layers you have to have to go through to really know who they are

Taurus keep small inner circle and are content with the little things in life.

Character of a Taurus (female & male)

Taurus is patient but once they lose that it's permanent

#taurus so so so true (I don't know who wrote this, but they clearly didn't proof read.)

I agree with it, but on the love part..haha that's up for debate (;

Nobody could guess till today.... feels awesome and awful both at the same time .....