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Lullaby Font by Ania Szerszen, via Behance

Lullaby Font by Ania Szerszen, via Behance.. I love the contemporary look of the first written so beautifully for such a simple phrase turns the ordinary into extraordinary

Lullaby Font by Ania Szerszen available here: $20

Lullaby Font. A custom, decorative font designed by Ania Szerszen, a graphic designer and illustrator from Wroclaw, Poland.

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#so65 #graphic design bebas09 Bebas Neue | Font | Free Download and great design examples

typographic poster bshk 2014 21 30 Stunning Typographic Posters

TYPOGRAPHY - this clear, clean cut typography is a great representation of New York City. It is bold, modern, and uncomplicated. In today's society, people are looking for simple. They avoid scripty, swirly typography, when a much simpler style can suffice. I really like this example, even though it is not much to look at. The city in the backgroun adds to the text.

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