rainbow yarn

A brilliant way to display/use my Beekeeper's Quilt (pattern by Tiny Owl Knits) - once it is finished, of course...

pretty color combo

Tool Cabinet

#Tutorial - "Organize the yarn you're using in a project with this simple DIY. You need: 1 plastic basket with holes, 1 knitting needle, 1 drinking straw, and your yarn wound as in the picture. Voila! Easy as pie and there's room for your hooks, needles, scissors and pattern underneath, too!" 4U from #KnittingGuru

Storing/Keeping Yarn Clean; I keep forgetting about this tip. Glad for the reminder.

Yarn organizing idea



yarn by O-Wool


braided rug from recycled t-shirts

yarns. storage idea ... use as display/hang on a wall -- that way I can see everything I have & it's not all piled together in a basket.

yarn bag

Colorful yarn

DIY Multi-Drawer Cabinet from Laminate Bedside Table | The Painted Hive. Wow - what a transformation!!

from mom!

Selecting Yarns that Go Together

Crochet Yarn Mug Tangerine Orange dishwasher & by BreadandBadger

Simple but ingenious way to hold your yarn while crocheting. Box, one large knitting needle, and yarn.