a dog: the only thing in this world that loves you more than himself

This is a soldier from Afghanistan returning home and his dog's reaction... this is why were here

Dogs = Love

One day I'll need this..how to prepare your dog for a baby

A dog and his boy ..... love!!

This is why I'm a dog lover.

so true!


dogs welcome their humans home from the military- pure joy

A goofy dog successfully entertaining a baby: | 30 Animal Pictures That Will Make You A Better Person

I'm done.

I'd like one of these

27 Dogs That Will Do Anything For Kids And this is why dogs are the best kind of friends.

love this dog

Why dogs are awesome.

I Love Dogs because they give us so much love, giggles, peace and happiness ! They are GOD s little blessings to us ! PS. All animals too ...... ❤️

:: i love you ::