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  • Kelley Triplett

    History Major Heraldic Beast! Finally a history meme!! :)

  • Rebecca Leiby

    Apparently knowing basic Greek mythology or the names of Henry VIIIs wives is not common knowledge. Who knew?<---pinning for this comment!

  • Amanda Hertel

    True Story. Actually happened a few times.

  • Rachel Witten

    "Awkward silence... so who was your favorite wife of Henry VIII", History Major Heraldic Beast

  • Kelli Thomasson

    History Major Heraldic Beast - Holy Roman Empire Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor really an empire. Discuss

  • Amy Lafleur

    "Fiance asks where we should go for honeymoon... Suggest a chronological tour of major WWII battlefields." - F* Yeah History Major Heraldic Beast ~ Haha, the two of us history grads are debating touring Civil War battlefields for ours.

  • Sam C

    "Make royal family trees in spare time... rate inbreeding on scale from 0 to Hapsburg" - F* Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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This is why I say history is so important to know. To appreciate what we have, we have to know where we've been.

Art museums are just full of historical selfies! I'm not one for selfies but this kind of changed my thoughts on life.

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And people wonder why I have no faith in humanity and why I laugh at things that "normal" people don't find funny

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