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    • Katya Lester

      Nico? Did you do this?{----Haha.So true though!To mcdonald eaters:You are KILLING yourselfs.there food is made out of blood and leftover parts.It is so unhealthy it WILL couse your life span to shorten,and your waist span to lengthen.A lot.Look it up if your doubtful.I don't lie.Trust me,I'm doing you a favor,but it all comes down to healthy and live to see your grandkids,or if you don't care about family,eat what you want when you want and die.

    • DravenTales

      McDeath - eat fast, die young! -

    • Hannah Lineberry

      truth. not eating fast food as made my body so much happier! :D

    • Gloria Sedano-Sarabia

      #McDonalds #McDeath #death East fast, die young

    • Shannon Morrow

      McDonalds = McDeath fast food is poison

    • Anisha Patel

      McDeath Eat fast, die young

    • iPIN

      Fast Food = Die Young

    • Alexa Reeves

       #fitness

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    eat healthy. it will show.

    so true