My favorite Obama pin yet.

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Too true!

lol too true

Why I don't like Obama.





think about it! They're human beings and deserve rights... how does it hurt someone else or take anything away from anyone else...I mean a person does NOT choose to be gay right... why would anyone voluntarily make their life more difficult? And it was either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert who said that the way to fix our economy? Two words ...Gay Weddings:-) Totally :-)!....

Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. Seriously. Read it!!!

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Ha! True!

Soooo true. Politics are starting to annoy me. No wait people who think they know about politics are starting to Annoy me

This just made me laugh because as much as i want to be skinny .....there are alot of things that taste better than skinny cause skinny tastes like alfalfa sprouts.

I see #stupid people - they're everywhere...

haha very true!