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  • Erienne Andvik

    Laughing my ass off! So true!

  • Ashley Hinkle

    OMG so true, don't forget the constant baby showers!! MY LIFE.... SIGH

  • Alicia Hilton Erb

    Lol, so true. Wait...did I just LOL about this being true? Why is that funny? It's not funny! It's a terrible truth!

  • PJ Augustine

    #funny #hilarious #motivational #pickmeup #truth #quote #quotes #sayings #advice #inspirational

  • Crissy Metz

    Holy shit is that the truth! Pretty much my life, except the 2 drink hangover is a little low still!

  • Lisa Uptmor

    I guess this is what I have to look forward to. Welcome to 27: Where every other weekend is a wedding, you feel borderline inappropriate shopping in Forever 21, and two drinks equal a hangover.

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