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Thalasso Bain Bébé Jumeaux - Twin Baby Bath - YouTube

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2015) One of the most important educational documentaries of our time.

"The Pier" ~ Awakening toward compassionate living. ~

Ahimsa ~ It is time for change. Not just in what we do, but what we say and what we think. The time is now. Ahimsa ~ The Compassionate, Healthy, Intelligent, Rational philosophy of life ~ Nonviolence to any living being. ~ The time is NOW. ~

Peaceful co-existence....It is a choice. ~ The Christmas Truce of 1914, one of the last examples of the outdated notion of chivalry between enemies in warfare. It was never repeated—future attempts at holiday ceasefires were quashed by officers’ threats of disciplinary action—but it served as heartening proof, however brief, that beneath the brutal clash of weapons, the soldiers’ essential humanity endured. ~ Video: Sainsbury Ad 2014

The Mountain ~

There appears to be a spiritual awakening...a shift taking place and we are all part of it, it seems . . .we are individually becoming increasingly aware of it. The artists, the writers, the film makers, the creatives and even scientists are beginning to express this as well. Awesome video that seems to shake hands with significance beyond the mere surface. ~Gerean

Time Lapse Sky to Lipstick Sunset by John Hiatt

Be intensely blessed today.

There is much more than what we think we see. Not only more . . . but infinitely more ~ The Universe.

Flash mob at Liverpool Station ~

Wind Power - 3D Animation ~


The Bear and the Rabbit. (Animated Short Film) In memory of my father . . . and other loved fathers ~

No arms, no legs, no worries ~

The Power of Words ~

Gratitude ~

Tango ~

Rooted ~

Wild Horses ~

Fresian Horses ~

Flying Eagle

Rain ~