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Barefoot Contessa - Recipes - Summer Garden Pasta ...looks delicious!!

Barefoot Contessa - Recipes - Summer Garden Pasta: marinated cherry tomatoes in olive oil, basil, and garlic. Tossed with angel hair pasta and Parmesan cheese.

michael symon's angel hair olive oil garlic chili flake

Angel hair pasta with olive oil, chili flake, garlic and parmesan - the chew*Make this with oven shrimp for a perfect dinner!

Barefoot Contessa - Recipes - Penne with Five Cheeses

5 Cheese Penne Pasta--without a doubt, the best homemade pasta dish I have EVER had.

Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce - mmm carbs! Thankfully this one is delicious and low cal!

Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce

Tomato Cream Sauce - Saute Garlic and Tomatoes in Olive Oil - Add Pasta Water - 3 oz. Cream Cheese - Stir until smooth - Add Crushed Red Pepper - Cook another 3 Minutes - Serve with Pasta - Top with Fresh Basil and Cheese

Barefoot Contessa's pasta w/sun-dried tomatoes - one of my favorite recipes!

Barefoot Contessa - Recipes - Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes - Despite only using lb pasta this made A LOT! Dressing would be great just for marinating mozzarella! - smd (used gemilli pasta!

Spaghetti with Creme Fraiche, Parsley, Lemon and Parmesan Cheese

Meyer Lemon Pasta with Smoked Fish, Creme Fraiche, and Arugula. We need to eat more smoked fish.

Ina Garten's Pasta Alla Vecchia Bettola: The Best Pasta alla Vodka You Will Ever Make |

Ina Garten’s Pasta Alla Vecchia Bettola

If you’re a penne alla vodka fan, this one’s for you -Ina Garten pasta alla vecchia bettola a baked dish that calls for canned tomatoes and makes them sing

Prosciutto, Tomato and Olive Spaghetti

Prosciutto, Tomato, and Olive Spaghetti. Fry some onion and garlic, add a little tomato pure and the olives. Mix with the (already cooked) spaghetti and add the prosciutto, some parmesan and parsley. Done in 15 min!