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    Illuyankas was a Hittite Dragon. He was the mortal enemy of the storm god. Illuyankas was tricked by the gods into overeating and drinking, and was then too big to fit into his lair. Left unprotected, he was beheaded by the god of the Winds.

    Hittite Gods

    Chariot scene Two warriors on the chariot and a slain enemy under the chariot. Reported to have been found at Tell Tayinat in 1896. Currently in Antakya Museum.

    The Formorii were the original rulers of Ireland and the sworn enemies of the Tuatha De Danaan. They were portrayed as violent and misshappen, and were the personifications of the powers of evil and darkness. Their cheif god was Balor, the god of death. The Formorii were defeated by the Tuatha De Danaan and they fled to live beneath the sea.

    Chariot scene Two warriors on the chariot and a slain enemy under the chariot. From 9th cent BC, basalt, 1.75 m in height. Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara.

    The Sumerian God Abu

    Hittites made crazy-cool vessels in the shape of the animal representing the gods. This was made to honor the stag god.

    Ulisse Aldrovandi, Monstrorum Historia (History of Monsters) late 1500s, a compendium of monstrous and human hybrid races. Here shown are the Cynocephali, dog-head humans said to inhabit a island in the far East. Not monsters in the sense of inspiring horror or fear; these monstrous races were emblems of and unknown world

    13th century, BCE. Winged figures are rare in the Hittite pantheon. A bronze and silver winged figure with a gold cap, kilt, and upturned shoes, holding a broken rod. The best reference for the figurine comes from the open-air sanctuary at Yazilikaya, in central Anatolia, where images of the Hittite gods were carved in the rock walls of its natural chambers. According to an inscription of a similar figure, he would be the god Pirinki/ar, a deity associated with the winged divinity Ishtar.

    Karatepe Statue of Storm God

    Gold Figurine of a Hittite God. This figurine was used by the ancient Hittites during the time that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. Louvre. Hittite God, Classic Hittite Empire, 1600-1400 BC. H 3.8 cm

    Sky God Connections - Indo European Images Hittite carving of the sky-god Teshub discovered at Babylon - probably the spoil of war and certainly dating from very early time

    Xochipilli, Aztec god of spring, music, games and dance.

    Ea - the Chaldean god, the Great Fish, who later becomes the Great Serpent

    Hittite, sword-god, Hattuşa, 1250-1220 BC

    Mictlantecuhtli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [mikt͡ɬaːnˈtekʷt͡ɬi], meaning "Lord of Mictlan"), in Aztec mythology, was a god of the dead and the king of Mictlan (Chicunauhmictlan), the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld. He was one of the principal gods of the Aztecs and was the most prominent of several gods and goddesses of death and the underworld. The worship of Mictlantecuhtli sometimes involved ritual cannibalism, with human flesh being consumed in and around the temple.


    "Molded Plaque with a king or god carrying a mace"- early Babylonian period 2000-1700 BCE,

    Storm God Haddad Hittite Storm God has taken the name of Haddad in Aleppo. This basalt relief of Haddad was excavated in Babylon at the Palace museum of Nabuchadnezzar II in 1899. It was probably taken there from Aleppo as a war booty. Relief dates to 9th Century BCE and it is currently in Istanbul Archeology Museum.

    Ivriz Rock Memorial (Hittite Relief) The memorial, the Storm-God is depicted Tarhundas and Varpalavas king of the region. (Tuvana the Kingdom) . Varpalavas have make it....(B.C {M.Ö}.1180-700) Konya/TURKEY

    A 16th-century painting illustrating a battle scene in the Bhagavad Gita, during the battle of Kurukshetra. Arjuna (far right), hero and leader of the Pandava army, is supported by his personal charioteer, the god Krishna (second from right). The gods are looking down on the battlefield. Krishna is aiding Arjuna mentally and spiritually, explaining him that it is his duty to proceed and to fight for what is right.