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Who doesn't have a special place in their heart for Lite Brite?

Lite Brite - I remember this one specifically!

Lite Brite Square by zbtwells on Flickr

I loved this thing! (remember the sound the pegs made as they punched thru the paper to make the designs?)

Battleship - I can see my dad and brother and mom too playing this game! Board games are still the best. Sorry, modern tech.

One of my favorite toys! I want some vintage toys for baby Catto.

Lite Brite OMG OMG OMG!! I need a new one of these!!! I'm singing the jingle in my head "lite brite, lite brite... lalalal lallalalaa ♥ L-

Lite Brite, I'm still mad that my mom never let me have one of these...too many pieces. Whatever. of my favorite toys!

Skedoodles!!! I liked scribbling all the silver dust away so you could see inside the bubble.

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