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Natural Vitality - Natural Calm... Sleep--- Helps with occasional insomnia, and helps gives a deep restful sleep every night. Stress-- feel spectacularly relaxed. Mood--- Made me generally happier. Decreased muscle cramping and soreness. Improved digestion and transit time.

I take 800 - 1000 mg every night before bed! Not only is it helping my headaches and migraines, it helps me sleep at night.

Water is crucial for your health, not only does it help with pain, muscle cramps & keeping your entire body more hydrated (including plumping up your skin - which makes is more youthful) it also keeps keeps flushing out toxins. It can even help with headaches & feeling tired!

ANTI-STRESS - Let's Talk About Stress - Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress!

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Infographic: De-Stress With the Help of These 5 Foods

Foodista | Infographic: De-Stress With the Help of These 5 Foods

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Dandelion Magnesium Lotion for Muscle Cramps

The pain-relieving properties of dandelion and the muscle relaxing effect of magnesium make this DIY cream helpful for leg cramps and other aches and pains.

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The 8 Best Natural Muscle Relaxers

Natural muscle relaxers - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Learn EFT Tapping NOW! Complete Beginner's Manual: Relieve stress and anxiety, lose weight, control cravings and addictions, boost your confidence and ... and attract abundance starting today by Randal Lawrence,

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The Good Things in Peppers

The Good Things in Peppers, Posted December 12, 2012 by PositiveMed Team. Cayenne pepper does some amazing things for your body, including boosting your metabolism, accelerating weight loss, fighting cold/flu, and helping with stress. For more info, check out the attached amazing poster.

This is an exercise to help get the infamous thigh gap. For a beginner, I might say 2 sets of 30 reps

How stress affects the body. Follow us @ for more updates.

Ever wonder the health benefits of the various Vitamin B's? Picture should show scientific names (b/c that's what is on labels), but doesn't: B1=Thiamine; B2=Riboflavin; B3=Niacin; B5=Pantothenic Acid; B6=Pyridox...; B7=Biotin; B9=Folic Acid; B12=Cobalamins . See also,

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Make Birch Leaf Oil for Sore Muscles

Making birch leaf oil for sore muscle relief is a quick and easy process that provides great results.


These Mesmerizing Illustrations Will Help You Get the Best Stretch


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