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  • Kimberly Branch

    Get lean and sexy abs with the right knowledge

  • Becky Hoselton

    So true. After my fathers passing I vowed to be active for the rest of my life. Poor eating choices and lack of exercise left the past 7years of his life without the ability to run or let alone walk due to multiple heart attacks and stroke. Every day he wished to walk again.....I'll never take for granted the athletic ability I have now and can achieve. With great loss comes great motivation.

  • Ellie Fessler

    so true... this will help motivate me to keep running!

  • Marcia Rêgo

    "Run while you can." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote

  • Stevi Gray

    I always try and remember this and how I couldn't even walk for months after breaking my femur. So gotta always be thankful to do what we can do!

  • leyla leal

    #workout #motivation

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