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Changing Time Zones With A Toddler

Adjusting My Toddler from Portland, Oregon to Cochin, India Time Zone

Switching time zones when you travel- even by just an hour- can be really tough with babies and toddlers. Find out how to make the transition easier so your child gets more sleep.

10 Things That Change When You Take A Toddler To The Beach (can't wait for our beach adventure in a few weeks!)

Helping kids sleep during travel in spite of things like disrupted routine, time change, and different bed.

Off-the-beaten path travel tips for Maui | The Seattle Times

The MOTHERLOAD of Tips for Flying with a Toddler | Where The Smiles Have Been. EVERYTHING is covered here....what to pack, seating choices, tips for going through security, where to change diapers. Every parent needs to check this out before traveling with their toddler!

Best post I've seen about helping babies, toddlers, and kids adjust to time change and jet lag! (Which, btw, happens to be my biggest fear about taking our little one on a BIG trip!) Read the comments, too, for more age-specific advice!

16 Apps toddlers & parents love - for those difficult times when they are struggling to wait around for 5 minutes or so.

14 purchases for your toddler's first flight. Great toy suggestions and hilarious blog post from a first time mom on her first flight with her toddler

What To Pack In a Toddler Carry-On Bag - lots of good ideas for distractions as well as the essentials.

Vacations don't have to suck with a toddler. I'll need this one day

10 tips for traveling with toddlers

4 great iPad apps for flying with a toddler

Toddler Travel

Flying with toddlers? Read these super helpful tips first!

10 Tips For Traveling with Toddlers (14 Month Edition)

FREE Travel e-Book: The Must See Sights Of Maui {+ 14 more Maui Travel Tips} #maui

If you plan on spending more than 30 minutes on an airplane with your kids this summer, this list of 20 easy travel activities to keep kids happy on an airplane will save your life!

17 Things to See and Do on Maui! ~ from TheFrugalGirls.com #travel #maui #hawaii