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Oh Leif...if only we would have met...I could have kept you out of trouble and we would have lived happily ever after...sigh...

Andy Gibb (Is it me or does he resemble Heath Ledger?)

I took my aunt's Leif Garrett album to Show & Tell in the first grade. I'm sure poor Mrs. Harpool was just thrilled.

Tiger Beat 1978 - Willie Ames, Scot Baio, Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy. Teenage crushes of the '70's. I think I was more into hockey players at the time.

I was absolutely in love with David Cassidy!

loved Captain Kangaroo

Tigerbeat Magazine - only the ones with David Cassidy...

Tiger Beat Magazine

Tiger Beat - Essential reading in the '70s Does anyone have their copies of this magazine?

David, oh David. How I loved you. Or was it Keith? That was really confusing. Why wasn't his name just David on the show?

David Cassidy

Leif Garrett. I was going to marry him. I had his posters all over my room. I WAS MADE FOR DANCING!!

Wax bottle drinks

I had Tiger Beat first and then this one :)

The Munsters

Tiger Beat magazine covers from the 1970s. There was a penpal section in the back. You could write letters to other girls from around the country and be penpals.

Tiger Beat - Leif Garrett - Willie Aimes, Donny and Marie

Cousin It

Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy & the Bay City Rollers!

David Cassidy The singer and actor played Keith on The Partridge Family for four seasons in the early '70s. Thanks to the success of his hit song "I Think of Love You," the Tiger Beat cover boy released several hit albums including Cherish, Rock Me Baby and Home Is Where the Heart Is.