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Oh Leif...if only we would have met...I could have kept you out of trouble and we would have lived happily ever after...sigh...

Eric Estrada this was on my wall as well back in the day.

Scott Baio was such a fox! My first crush. Pulled out all the photos and posters of him from Teen Beat magazine and plastered them on my wall.

David Cassidy - Valentine’s Day card

Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett. Childhood crush Hotness. And cool name.

CHIPS ( Séries TV 1977–1983)

Couldn't resist pinning this one! It was just a matter of deciding where to pin it - - It's Only Words or Denise's Wishlist? Hmmmmmm.. . . definitely a wishlist.

Leif Garrett - Oh how I loved him as a kid.

Andy Gibb, the younger brother of 'The Brothers Gibb' aka 'The BeeGees'. He's got some great songs: 'I Just Want to Be Your Everything', 'Desire', 'Shadow Dancing', 'Everlasting Love'...

Andy Gibb (Is it me or does he resemble Heath Ledger?)

Bay City Rollers - my style many years ago!! Even had the plaid on my pants legs, the striped suspenders and the plaid scarf!!! Eric was and still is my favorite!!

1979 OMG my first love Leif Garrett LOL

Don't worry, I had a subscription...

Leif Garrett...I had this album...even wrote him a letter via Teen beat...got nuthin back! lol!

Google Image Result for http://www.celebs101.com/gallery/Scott_Baio/172902/scott_baio.jpg

Leif Garrett - the girls loved him. So sad he lost his hair now. :(

Dukes of Hazard (would get to skip bath time & watch on Friday or Saturday night)


This video is made in memory of music legend Davy Jones. The music is a rare version of Daydream Believer performed by Davy Jones alone in HQ

Leif Garrett