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    The was the smallpox hospital located in what is now known as Salem Willows. When the need for such a clinic had ended, the land was turned over to the public.

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Marilynne Roach dispels popular myths surrounding the Salem witch trials. (05:44

An amazingly beautiful photo of the Friendship by local photographer John Andrews If you like his work, be sure to friend his business, Social Palates

Baker's Island Light

Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, MA There is a legend about this cemetery that you never leave this cemetery by same way you entered. If you didn't do this, the ghost of a captain would follow you home. What made it really hard was that the only way in or out is not by a gate but by slogging your way up a hill. The Howard Street Cemetery is located beside the old Salem jail.

Formerly the Lyceum Restaurant, 43 Church was built on the site of an accused witch’s apple orchard. Bridget Bishop was the first witch to be executed in the infamous Salem Witch Trails, and now the scent of apples reportedly drifts through the restaurant, even when the fruit isn’t on the menu. Staff and guests also report a heavy feeling at 43 Church, and the restaurant has been featured on a few paranormal investigation shows. 43 Church Street Salem, MA 01970 978-745-7665

The Witch House (also called the Jonathan Corwin House), was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin and is the only structure still standing in Salem, Massachusetts with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692. The house was bought by Judge Corwin in 1675, when he was 24 years old, and he lived there for more than forty years. Corwin is buried in the nearby Broad Street Cemetery. The house remained in the Corwin family until the mid-19th century. The Witch House is located at 310 Essex Street,

SALEM — Eleven days ago, while digging the foundation of a new building on Lafayette Street, construction workers made a startling discovery. They found St. Joseph. The large statue, which had not been seen for more than 60 years, was found where it was long believed buried, under the parking lot of the former St. Joseph Church. Over the years, its whereabouts, or even existence, had become the stuff of urban legend. Did it still exist after all these years? Where was it buried?

snowman hanging out with the friendship

The Official Salem Witches' Halloween Ball 2013 Tickets in Salem, MA, United States

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Salem's Institute of Magick Witches Cats Wood Sign Plaque Halloween Decor Prim | eBay

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Olde Salem Broom Company Wood Sign Plaque Halloween Witches Decor Prim | eBay

Salem Willows Waterfront Park

The Salem Willows arcade offers antique coin-operated machines, such as this "Love Tester" (yes, it actually costs a penny), as well as contemporary video games.

Salem Willows, My favorite place on earth! :)

my favorite food of all time! tendersteak sandwiches! yum!!!!! Salem Lowe is the original home of the Willows' famous chop suey sandwich. Relatively healthy for fast-food fare, the sandwich also comes with a bargain price of a buck-and-a-half. (The soy sauce is free, but the noodles are extra.)

E.W. Hobbs features popcorn and homemade ice cream. The corn is popped without oil in an old, large rotating kettledrum and topped with real butter. It may be the state's best-tasting popcorn. Hobbs also offers caramel corn and flavored popcorn bars. Although it's a matter of dispute, the shop claims to have served the nation's first ice cream cone (in 1906). Note the domed roof on the left. Before the advent of motor-driven flying horses, the building offered "carousel" rides on real ponies.

salem willows kiddie-boat-ride

Salem Willows Arcade Viewers by Mod Betty /, via Flickr

Hot Buttered E.W. Hobbs Popcorn by Mod Betty /, via Flickr

Salem Willows Arcade Sign by Mod Betty /, via Flickr

my favorite place on earth! :) salem willows, salem mass