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♥ love the pic of bright French tips with nude hearts. I gotta figure out how to make those hearts so cleanly.

Clouds nail art: three color colour, light blue, light grey and white. Cloudy design #spring #summer

o really wanna do this!! theirs a really cool one i did whear you put thinn strips of tape on your nale and make a pattern and paint the like, openings so its like staneglass :) its cool! then like when u take the tape off you take a nail penn and fill in the part without anythin like with black or white or somethin like that :P

cute nails images - Google Search

Added Tip: Stripe polish onto a piece of foil or coated paper plate. Swirl/blend with a toothpick where colors overlap. Pick up the color on your sponge & go! Now, even I can do that! ;) ***** Gotta be fast to do this. Maybe too fast for me. But at least now I know how they do it. :) Nails ideas

How to paint hearts on your nails // cute Valentine's Day manicure!