kitchen pantry

I hope no robbers read this...22 clever hiding spots

Hideaway for appliances~ Keeps them handy but hidden.

Pull-out pantry

small space. awesome kitchen.

Hidden storage, wow!

Hidden Storage + Swinging TV Cabinet Love this idea!


DIY Canned Storage - Classy Clutter. What an amazing project! This can storage pull-out is built from simple materials and slides into narrow spaces. Wonder if I could put sever together near the laundry room for use as a pantry.

No waste of space. #livelifecomfortably -I will need this..

Carve out storage space between wall studs and use a mirror as a door.

Bathroom Idea

Pop-up cabinet so you can hide the mixer yet don't have to move it when you need it

How cool is that?? The bottom shelves pull out to create stairs to reach the top


Hidden rooms

Walk-in pantry behind the fridge.


Hidden Kitchen Pull Out Storage Shelves in the Island