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    quotes about living life to the fullest | live life to the fullest | Life's a Journey one of my favorite quotes


    Never Regret

    I repeat this to myself everyday

    Taking chances

    live by this.

    Truth. So I should read for a living?

    Life changes..

    So me.


    this is so perfect.

    You Have To Fight Through Some Bad Days To Earn The Best Days Of Your Life. Inspirational Quotes.

    a persons will or character is determined not by how many times you fall..but how many times you get back might not always succeed...but at least you gave it a fighting have to fight for what you want...not just expect it to all be dumped in your lap...truth.


    But then again, those people taught me what i wanted and most of all what i didn't need in my life. I respect myself a heck of a lot more now because of those experiences. I regret nothing.


    You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

    Truth, it would be nice.