Tetrahedron garden office shed.

The tetra shed is a modular office tent, which is a rather curious-looking modular garden shed. Tetra shed was designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle.

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The Tetra Shed bureau de jardin 2 thumb 179979 Tetra Shed office module for open spaces tetra shed offices modules

// Chatou //  h2o Architects www.h2oarchitectes.com. The finished project, called Chatou by the architects, is a rather stunning abode that looks much larger than it really is. The creative solution to a very small space just goes to show that a little ingenuity is all you need to create an interior that perfectly serves your needs.

Chatouis a garden pavilion where the furniture forms the entire interior. Arranged on four split levels, the building is intended for a teenager to live within the garden of the family home.

Sustainable egg pod by Stephen turner

The Exbury Egg is a floating, wooden, sustainable, energy efficient pod that will serve as home to artist Stephen Turner for a year. Smaller designs take up less space. Natural lighting helps with costs.