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    I find that this is what really drags me down. I don't feel like I measure up to other people. This quote is something I try to tell myself when I'm getting down on myself.

    • Tammy Miller

      There is nothing wrong with wanting something or a promotion. It’s normal. We can dream big and ask God for big things! That’s not the problem, it becomes an issue when pride sets in and we allow it to overtake us. Don’t let comparison steal your joy. Don’t allow it to take your peace. Pray for heart of contentment. Be grateful for what you do have and not what you don’t. Let’s allow God to do a work in us so we can fully live in His Presence.

    • Audria Mincey

      Don't let comparison steal your joy. [Such great advice we all need to remember!] #quote #joy

    • Karlie Proctor

      Hahahaha! When I glanced at this I thought it said "don't let Anderson steal your joy!"

    • Ms Madrid

      When you live with chronic pain/illness, it can be far too easy to constantly feel like you're comparing yourself to other "healthy" people, and this can have a profound effect on your psyche. We all compare ourselves to others sometimes, but it's important to step back and realize that you do not have to compete or measure up to anyone's standards and goals than your own. Don't let comparison steal your joy, you need it for the sake of your over all well being. #chronic #illness #health #pain

    • Abagail Aufderhar

      Right #Inspirational quotes|

    • Lisamarie Guaragna

      "Don't let comparison steal your joy." -Unknown. What an amazing quote!

    • Katrina S

      stressful times in life quotes | Don’t let comparison steal your joy

    • Sarah Beatty

      Run your own race! Don't let comparison steal your joy. Quote Words

    • Lauren Kamashian

      comparison steals joy - isn't that the truth!

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