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Horseshoe wind chime My little sister is obssesed with horses. This is te perfect preset for her sense she loves to hang things all over her room. Brilliant! And her birthdays coming up!!

Bullet and Bone Wind Chime Mini by bonejewelrybynicol on Etsy, $60.00

horseshoe flower idea


Horseshoe Wreath with Ribbon. Real horseshoes welded in a Circular Position. Western Home Decor.

Custom made Horse Shoe Designs. This piece says "Love" with a cross in the center of the heart.

These are pretty cool- they'd be awesome for hanging welding gear, extra jackets, etc in a shop.

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Hand Forged Horseshoe Fancy Cross - I like this one much better than the one you usually see

Out of Town: Horseshoe Art for Farmhouse Interiors Home Sign

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