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  • Sean Rogler

    Nerd girl problem - not wanting to repin something because it has movie pictures and you dont like the movie - they are too different from the book #Artsandcrafts

  • Jessie Miller

    What's funny is, when I read this the voice in my head was the most interesting man in the world. I know that's the point, but it still made me giggle.

  • Marissa Jo

    Harry Potter Meme

  • Alyssa Mazzei

    not sure why i find this as funny as i do...can't stop laughing!

  • Melissa Mooney

    Most interesting wizard

  • Grace Taylor

    I Don't Always Die But When I Do, I Don't

  • Cassidy Routsong


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Exactly! Add a few more series to this......*dumps Barnes and Nobles on top* there we go that just about does it

Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

So there's Emma and Rupert being all elegant and classy. And then there's Dan burning a tree.

That awkward moment when Alan Rickman is actually a nice guy unlike his character... But I love this :D

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That is precious! Why doesnt stuff like this get world wide news coverage but a sex scandle does?!

The shirt that finally fit…

"That was acting, Michael!" Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Gambon on Dumbledore's death scene in Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince.

they don't transform voluntarily. If you paid attention in the movies or maybe READ THE BOOK, you'd know they don't do that voluntarily.

Rupert & Daniel interviewed by Rove McManus.