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    Boabab tree.....mother nature smiled when she made this tree...

    This plant is Euphorbia obesa, a succulent from southern Africa


    One of the planet’s most isolated landforms of continental origin, the Socotra Archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa, has a unique and spectacular endemic flora

    Agate w/druzy

    Druzy Quartz over Chrysocolla

    hairy trumpet mushroom / panus fasciatus / Ken Beath

    One of the world's largest amethyst geodes, the Empress of Uruguay, is located in Australia's Crystal Caves. It stands an alarming eleven feet tall and is filled with magnificent, deep violet crystals.

    9.5 inch tall amethyst stalactite, Uruguay. Contact: mailto:alanpjb@ao...

    A Fulgurite or Petrified Lightning is made when lightning strikes loose sand. It vaporizes a thin wormhole and melts the zone around it, creating an instant froth of natural glass. In 1996 the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing excavated this fulgurite to a depth of nearly 6 meters, then removed it for museum display.

    Magnified sand (via wnyc: wnycradiolab: ohscience: Nikon Small World - 2011 - Yanping Wang)

    Lunar Eclipse 2010, via Daily Dose of Imagery


    spiral web