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    Stand up America, sitting is killing us! Technology is fun but the more technology we have, the more we sit, the more it effects our health. Think back even 10 years ago there was far less to keep us sitting and in one place for long periods of time. What do you think? A good solution if you work in an office or from your home is a stand up desk! These have been gaining much popularity since the awareness of sitting in relation to medical conditions and lifespan have been raised.

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    Sitting more than 6 hours raises your death risk. Get out of the chair and go for a walk or take a few minutes to hula hoop. Sit on a giant yoga ball instead (pour in a pound of sand for extra stability if your office is freaked out the risk of falling off getting hurt). #Personaltrainer #Nutrition #Personaltraining #Fitness #Health


    Sitting is Killing You - This infographic explores the truth behind 21st century chair-based lifestyles, and how this new age of computers and convenience could actually be killing us. Click it, save it, share it, and show it to your boss in an effort to get treadmill desks or standing desks in your office!

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    Sitting Is Killing You: The Truth About Sitting Down. This wonderful info graphic is brought to you by

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We're in an active, fast-paced industry but spend our days sitting long hours at the computer. Well, that's what I did until I raised my desk. Now, instead of sitting all day, I spend my days standing, stretching, and... I love to put on my head phones, blast some tunes, and dance while working! It's the best! I call my desk, My Dancing Desk. :)

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Sitting down for relatively long periods of time is one of the most unhealthy things you can do!

Sitting Is Killing You - #Infographic - Ways to stay #healthy in a sedentary society - over 6 hours per day of sitting is not healthy

Sitting is Killing You Infographic

Health dangers of "sitting" #Infographic______________So it looks like I'm going to die within 15 years. Add Pinterest to that equation and it now looks closer to 5. Oh well.