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Time-lapse photos of fireflies by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu



Series of amazing photos

Gold fireflies by Japanese photographer Yuki Karo

Have you ever caught fireflies, a frog, cricket, or any other creature? Where did you keep them? How long did you keep them? What was your favorite part about catching these creatures?

Fireflies On Long Exposure

Time-lapse of moths attracted to a light.


by Michael Kenna

Source: 500px.com - http://500px.com/photo/48659566

Star Trails: Incredible Long Exposure Photographs Shot from Space

Lisa Byrne, long exposures of sex. This is fascinating! Love the idea.

Star Trails Above Australian Outback


Through the magic of long-exposure photography, Missouri-based photographer Vincent Brady has captured the bright trails of light left behind by fireflies as they perform their nightly dances in the American Midwest.

I wrote my thesis on this amazing artist. Jeff wall.