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    says mohamed pbuh

    American ceramic artist and painter Toshiko Takaezu: "You are not an artist simply because you paint or sculpt or make pots that cannot be used. An artist is a poet in his or her own medium. And when an artist produces a good piece, that work has mystery, an unsaid quality; it is alive."

    Ingo Swann -The father of Remote Viewing (1933 – 2013)


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    Even those things that make us sad are something to be thanked for.

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    What does this wildish intuition do for women? Like the wolf, intuition has claws that pry things open and pin things down, it has eyes that can see through the shields of persona, it has ears that hear beyond the range of mundane human hearing. With these formidable psychic tools a woman takes on a shrewd and even precognitive animal consciousness, one that deepens her femininity and sharpens her ability to move confidently in the outer world." ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    Will Sampson (1933-1987) was an American film and television actor and artist. He was a Native American Muscogee. Sampson was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. After he was pardoned, after serving ten years, his release came without apology or compensation.

    Manjusri, the embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas. His attributes are a book placed on a lotus flower above his left shoulder and the sword of wisdom which cuts the veil of ignorance above his right shoulder. Dje Tsongkhapa is venerated as an emanation of Manjusri.

    wake up at the same time every night? get an ache in the same spot? click on the pin and roll the cursor over the organ to learn how emotions are connected ***this is so cool***

    Native American Award for Valor, Courage and Bravery Is there a Native American symbol awarded to great warriors for valor, courage, and bravery in battle much like the Silver or Bronze Stars awarded to soldiers.

    One of the 21 Tara statues at the temple at Tara Mandala retreat center - only Tibetan Buddhist temple dedicated to the divine feminine in the west.

    Numerology - This is the entire Tarot keyed to numerology - Thanks! www.numerologysec...

    Labradorite Crystal Ball***** Highly mystical and protective stone. Bringer of Light. Raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Can take you to another world or into other's lives. This is a stone of esoteric knowledge. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and gives understanding of them.

    This guided meditation will help you better express yourself. #throatchakra #chakrajourney

    Ah the Chakras. The "gateway drug" of the energy body. Mysterious and wonderful and brilliant.

    Sometimes our physical symptoms are caused by emotional pain. Try meditating on emotional baggage to find relief.

    My tummy hurts! Good to know what the stomach pain may indicate.

    Body/ Emotions Map

    ✣ … Opening your Clairsentient Eyes Feeling the Sacred Presence of Truth within the Divinity of this very Moment… Bella -

    Types of Empaths and Their traits.

    "Everyone is your teacher. The perception you have of someone is a reflection of yourself. Those who are consciously guiding you will find ways for you to see your truth. It is up to you to acknowledge your truth by facing the mirror." ♥ lis

    Astral Projection and Healing ... overcome the obstacles you've placed in your own path ... "Blaming others is easy and requires no self analysis" be brave and take responsibility for your healing process ... in astral projection, you face fears and deterrents in a safe space; you can overcome all manner of life-long baggage and negativity in mere moments.