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  • Melissa

    Cutting A Watermelon ~ this way makes for easy eating, especially for little ones! Or for finger foods at a party

  • Tonya Deville

    Cutting a Watermelon for easy eating! Great for kids..

  • Debbie Trahan Tapia

    Cutting a Watermelon, what a great idea for kids!!! Never would have thought to cut it up like this, Genius!

  • Karen Watling

    Cutting a Watermelon :: watermelon sticks for easy eating, and smaller amounts

  • Claudia Januchowski

    Cutting A Watermelon ~ this way makes for easy eating. {I hate cutting watermelon, maybe this would be easier.}

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genius method for cutting watermelon. You just cut the watermelon in half, lay the flat side down, then cut a grid into the melon. You’ll have perfectly sized pieces of watermelon that are easy for little fingers to eat

What a great idea! Cut watermelon in half. Take one half and cut 1-1.5 inch slices. Rotate 90 degrees and cut same size slices. Done!

how to cut a watermelon ... seems so easy, and yet when it comes time to do it i always seem to forget. maybe "pinning" it will help me remember!

How to cut a watermelon..I did this and it worked GREAT! It also made it easy to get all the seeds out!

How to Cut a Watermelon into Sticks! This is SO great! Why did I not know about this years ago.? ? For one thing, I think it would only work well with the smaller, round, "seedless" watermelons. But still! How easy to eat. like, Like, LIKE

Pick A Superstar Watermellon - My goal today is to help you pick superstar watermelons too, because I know how disappointing it is to get home, take your first bite of some sort of produce you buy, only to find out it sucks. And to make matters worse, you have 15-20 whopping pounds of watermelon terribleness.

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How to cut watermelon for kids collage (I need to remember this for next year's school picnic!)

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