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Open up the lines of communication with your infant with signs for "more", "done", "eat", "change" and other signs for everyday items. Plus, try these 12 fun baby games that teach!

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baby sign language chart -- Teaching them to sign before they speak definitely does work, my little sisters used to sign!

Sign language ~ words ~ Hands can express so many things from language to love ♥

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Baby Sign Language Chart - Kristin Ahonen, Babies develop hand eye coordination before communication skills, these will be VERY helpful! We used to teach the babies at the daycare, it's really cool when they start using them :)

Bible Fun: Friends and Play - complete teacher edition This is the link to see Bible words signed by Rachel, including Amen, Bible, Church, Commandments, Cross, Jesus, Messiah, Preach, Preacher, Priest, Savior

Here are some good starter signs for baby. Baby will be learning to sign! :)