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Ice Cream

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  • Magnolia

    ingredients • 500g mixed frozen berries • 150g fresh blueberries • 3–4 Tbsp honey • 500g plain or Greek yogurt • some fresh mint • optional: 4 small ice cream cornets or 4 frozen glasses Berry ice cream-Get frozen berries out of the freezer. Divide the fresh blueberries between the glasses. Put the honey & yogurt and mint leaves into the food processor and whiz, then add the frozen berries and whiz again to combine. Spoon the frozen yogurt over the fresh berries and serve.

  • Wendy Georgian Bay

    1-minute berry ice cream | Fruit - Recipes (UK) - Jamie Oliver. One minute ice cream - Frozen berries, Greek yogurt and honey in the blender - do this ALL the time, it's so yummy

  • Veronica Suarez

    One minute ice cream - Frozen berries, Greek yogurt and honey in the blender. #icecream #fruit

  • Rosalie Garcia Quintana

    Yum! Healthy ice cream!! one minute ice cream - Frozen berries, Greek yogurt & honey all thrown in a blender

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love the food styling & photography...this looks an awful lot like a photo from Helene Dujardin from www.tarteletteblo....

One minute ice cream - frozen berries, greek yogurt and honey all chucked in the blender! yes please!

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Winter Mixed Berry & Citrus Sorbet - This looks seriously yummy - for whatever reason I've not thought about sorbets, but am going to try!

One minute ice cream --> Frozen berries, Greek yogurt and honey in the blender. A #healthy #dessert

homemade yogurt ..... THEN strain it to reduce he sugary carb rich whey!!! Duh- I've made yogurt. I strained reg yogurt to ake Greek. But straining my homemade will make it lower in carbs & higher protein-which is WHY I like Greek yogurt. So I'll try making it again from scratch. Much cheaper.

Chocolate Greek Yogurt. A pinch of real sugar and some chocolate chips chips. Half the sugar of packaged yogurt. 1/2 c greek yogurt, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 2 tsp sugar. Top with a sprinkle of chocolate chips, coconut, chopped chocolate covered dried fruit or nuts, etc. This might be good frozen too

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