ibase! cheer love

I love this because Im a back & this reminds me of the time our stunt fell & I caught my flyer & all my non cheerleader friends were so amazed. They were all like omg you saved her life lol !


Academy is your destination for cheerleading fitness & conditioning. From fun cheer dance fitness to intense conditioning for athletes

This IS what cheer is.

Cheerleading is. My life. I love cheer and my team we've gone though a lot together

literally, you can say anything and I'm like "okay" but the minute you say cheerleading isn't a sport, is the minute you will get attacked by an angry mob of cheerleaders.

that's so me you say anything you want i don't get insulted but you say anything bad about cheer-leading and a BIT*H will die tonight.

l o v e t h i s and you guys Chocholek smock Simmons Lindzy Cebra lynn Ramon Chocholek Dougherty Roadruck Miley Brady Lewis Tully Monos

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