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  • Nicole Dunn

    its like a sweeping gown, such beautiful birds.

  • Michele Hood

    Thinking of a peacock color theme for sheri's birthday....hmmm

  • Emerald Pv

    Pavo real

  • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

    Peacock, Maryhill Museum, (overlooking the Columbia River Gorge), Goldendale, Washington State. Photographer wrote: "I'm in the process of editing photos from two trips ago to Maryhill Museum. They have the most patient peacocks I’ve ever encountered. This one let me take pictures lying down behind it with an elbow propped in its tail feathers for balance." #bird #colorful #animal #nature #wildflife #photography #color #green #purple #blue #yellow

  • Sevina Stapert

    #peacock #feather #blue #green #nature #animal

  • Sandy Weaver

    Peacock - love the angle!

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Peafowl - Really, no matter how many times you see pictures or paintings, or whatever, you just have to see one up close, in person, and in full sun. They are even more beautiful than you think.

Quetza~ Bird: only Montezuma could wear it's beautiful feathers. It would be a death sentence for anyone else to catch and kill this bird.

Leucistic peacock (Yep, they are real... not even terribly rare. We have a couple at work at Thanksgiving Point)

The Emperor’s New Feather’s? by AnimalExplorer on Flickr. :) Whoever came up with this bird should get extra credit!

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Pretty peacock of many colors - green with blue head and neck, cobalt collar, brown and tan back stripe, then brown and then white with orange uncer collar, green mottled stripe, then brown - isn't nature gorgeous?

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LOLZ!!!!! jk jk this is the antifluffy. If anything like this EVER comes near me i'll kill it.