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Four Level home, Cul-de-sac, Mountain View, View of Pikes Peak and Masonite type construction with four bedrooms and three baths. MLS# 748185 #Home #Realtor Keller Williams Realty Molly McCollum Phone: 719-535-0355x2142 Mobile: 719-640-3355

My husband's grandmother put a nest in a small basket and filled the nest with foiled Easter eggs for me our first Easter together. Loved that.

Foc had never been a fan of his brother's brutality,but this time he almost finds it justified. His mother,Spitfire,had been a loyal wife in a marriage that had all been a lie. She didn't deserve the black eye and bright red hand print around it,not in a million years. He's got Molly,and he's headed to his older sister Gypsy ' s house. No more games.

Headcannon accepted. Helga was definetly the 'Molly Weasley' type. Stern, yet always brought cookies and tea to study groups, personally checked in on her ill students, offered an ear to any student, regardless of House, who was having trouble in the Muggle world. Even a few who had no where to go, she offered her home. Merlin how I need more info on Helga!

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The forgotten art of Romani vardos

A typical Romani bow top wagon, so called because of its light-weight canvas top. This type of wagon was originally used in hilly regions, being light and easy to manoeuvre. Bow top wagons are still built today, especially in the North of England.