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    So true!

    Kitties: prescription for happiness ♥


    its true


    Cat Storage


    "Cats for Days" throw pillow


    Because I'm all about those cats.


    OH MY GOD I've been looking for this clip everywhere!! I love this Kitteh!!

    I wonder if my affinity for all things cat, is a warning that I will be the neighborhood cat lady one day? . Can't help it, love this photograph!

    Cats in hats! Trés Français!

    CATS~ In Ancient Egypt Cats Were Considered Gods. . .Cats Have Not Forgotten This. . .That's Why They Still Are.


    I promised myself that I wouldn't be one of those people who posts cat pictures on pinterest.. oh well.

    Whimsical Illustrations by Cintascotch

    crazy cat lady.