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Homemade Baby Wipes. My aunt makes these and says they are amazing. I found out there are HORRIBLE chemicals in regular wipes that can make diaper rash worse. Also, using coconut oil instead of rash creams can work wonders. Not to mention this is WAY cheaper!" www.thenewlighter...

Top 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Pets. I've read a lot about this but haven't used it on my pets yet. Has anyone else seen results? I'm sure it is wonderful for them as it is for us.

Charcoal Labrador Puppy awwww


That face.

Pet Emergency Information - Infographic: What to do in an emergency



European Golden Retriever Puppy www.akcdoublebgol...

Silver Labrador.

nothing like a lab puppy!!

Handsome sage.

Loving the snow flakes

Silver Lab

A pile of puppies :)

Puppy pile.


Nap time


I want one